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28 mars 2009


Fick denna inbjudan på FB idag!

OK - jag har inte läst allt om kampanjen Earth Hour, med bla WWF i spetsen. Men jag tycker att det är en bra idé. Vi kan inte fortsätta att leva över våra tillgångar på detta sätt längre. Nya tankar, nya former av "snäll" energi behövs. När jag läser denna inbjudan så blir jag lite rädd. Vaddå - "we like all our comforts and are not going to lower our quality of life for some unproven scare."

Jag tackade nej till inbjudan! Skulle du har accepterat?

Anti-"Earth hour"
Cause we don't want to be cavemen...
Värd: anti-enviromentalist hysteria
Kategori: Ideellt - Protest
Nätverk: Global
Datum: den 28 mars 2009
Tid: 20:30 - 21:45
Plats: Global

Beskrivning: Saturday the 28th of March at 20.30 (your local time) the environmentalists of the world are turning there lights off to send a message that they want political action against global warming.

We have had enough of the environmentalist hysteria.
Technology is awesome and
I urge everyone to nullify this misguided environmentalist action by turning on all lights and electronics that they can during this hour.

We don't want to pay carbon taxes or limit our use of modern comforts.
We also believe that even if there is any truth to this scare it would be better solved by utilizing more modern technology and sources of energy (like nuclear power) rather then abstaining from using energy.

If you are going to join:
- Make sure you can afford the electricity cause I won't pay for it.
- Don't burn down your house. I won't pay for that either.
- Take care not to blow out your fuses cause then your will be joining the environmentalist side in the darkness...

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